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Diffusing Diversions

Diffusing Diversions

When you have specific goals in mind, the last thing that you need are diversions. Diversions, as you know, are these little incidental occurrences that show up to inhibit, change, re-direct the flow of energy in your productivity game; and to take you off course. In other words, they are...distractions! In most cases, diversions grab your attention, and interrupt your intention. Without your attention and intention, you create a mediocre mess of things by becoming so distracted by insignificant things. One of the hardest things that I have had to develop is staying engaged when I am working on a project, particularly when I am working from home. It’s very easy to get off track when incidental occurrences show up; i.e., thoughts and emotions about a plethora of things, the phone rings, a notification sounds, hunger pangs rattle, daydreaming, a package is delivered, responding to comments from something I’ve read online, getting caught up in something artsy or crafty, and the list goes on. If I am not intentional about my intention, and focus my attention on the task at hand, I can find myself off on a whole other irrelevant track! What about you? Have you found yourself completely off-task for what you are supposed to be doing? What diversions have you encountered that take away your attention and that place you on a path that is irrelevant to what you have purposed to do?I would like to offer three keys to diffusing diversions.

1.      I absolutely KNOW first-hand that this key works. Decide the night before what you need to accomplish for the next day. By so doing, you set your intention in place. When you have a burning desire to give birth to an idea or dream, it all starts with intention, a stirring up of creative energy. When you allow yourself to center on this awareness, it’s easier to initiate the corresponding actions needed to begin manifesting what you desire. To make this simpler, what I am suggesting is getting a head-start the night before. Once you find contentment in knowing what you will do tomorrow, you will sleep more soundly, and arise in the morning with the right amount of fuel to put in motion the right thought energy in having a productive day.
2.     Write an Action Plan – this is not a new concept, particularly to my clients. If you do not have an action plan for the day or the week, you may end up all over the place. I laughed as I typed this because I have been guilty of being all over the place when I do not have clear directions on an hourly basis. The action plan does not have to be that deep! Write down what you need to do, and the necessary time allotted. Your action plan is like your personal GPS. It tells you which direction to go, and the time you need to get there.  Check off each item when it is completed. That’s it!  
3.      When diversions show up, you have to Be Aware enough to recognize these little critters. When you are present and engaged, you become fully aware whether something or someone is fitting in with your desired outcome for the day. In other words, the moment you catch yourself drifting, reel yourself back in by asking, “Is this relevant to the task at hand?” If the answer is no, then re-direct your thoughts, your actions, and your attention. The moment you re-direct, you begin to create new pathways of better thought and response habits. Remember, you are amazing, and amazing people are intentional about their thought habits and behavior patterns. Which means, that although you may get off task sometimes, you are present enough to re-engage, set the right energy in motion to diffuse diversions that rob you of having a super-productive day? Be present, and make this your BEST day ever!

picture credit: www.ma3ahmed.deviantart.com

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