What Do You Need to Un-do?
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What Do You Need to Un-do?

Un-pack! Un-load! Un-Earth!

My friends and I went to check out “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington. The opening line on the screen had me right then. It was a quote by Mark Twain, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
It appears to me, via observation that a whole lot of people are in a quandary trying to figure out why they were born. In other words, they are still trying to discover their purpose.

Now, I can take this post in several different ways, but I’ll choose two. If I were to take the spiritual approach, I would have to borrow Pastor Rick Warren’s, “What on Earth Am I Here For?” suggestions. He purports that our purpose is directly tied to our relationship with God. He teaches that we were created to be loved by God, to worship Him, to fellowship, to reflect Him, and to evangelize. After having learned and taught these teachings, I am inclined to agree with Pastor Warren.

If I were to take a more secular approach, I would suggest that maybe people have yet to discover why they are here because they have spent the sum total of their life living from the perspectives and teachings of those who they have been most heavily influenced, and have yet to find their own voice, and their unique presence. I believe the quandary comes in when those teachings no longer serve the individual. There seems to be a departure from what they have always known or believed from what they are now observing about themselves. I will not throw everyone in this boat, but based on those who I have observed, spoken with, or have spent time with, I am finding that people are no longer buying hook, line, and sinker particular dogmas and protocols that once governed their life. I can speak from experience that this has happened to me. The moment I began questioning or evaluating certain teachings that span from childhood, parenthood, religion, social acceptance, norms, etc., I began to look deep within and asked myself what do I really believe?

The thing for me is that I am pretty secure with my worldview. Over the past few years, it has clearly expanded. There are other areas in my life that have also been challenged by this inner questioning that has taken place in my life. Whether this person is you or not is not nearly as important as affirming that it is perfectly okay and acceptable to ask questions, and earnestly seek answers that will be useful for your growth. I have put together three directives that have been useful to me. I hope that you will also benefit from them. Before you continue reading, if it is possible, I would like to suggest that you meditate or say a prayer for clarity and understanding before going any further. Also, as a disclaimer, these are my thoughts that have worked for me. I am only sharing them in hopes that they will also be helpful to you. Let’s go!

1.      Un-pack: We all have some of what is considered the proverbial “baggage”. I don’t think I have to go in detail about what baggage is. But just in case, you may have missed a piece or two, please do not disqualify envy, jealousy, divisiveness, unforgiveness, or even hatred; lack of boundaries, cynicism, criticism, and the list goes on. It is super important to unpack this stuff. Get it out of your house (your heart)! You may have to seek counseling from a professional, clergy, counselor, or life coach. You will free yourself the moment you decide that you will no longer carry baggage that weigh you down and further keep you from realizing how valuable you are and the contributions that you can make for the greater good of society. In my opinion, it is next to impossible to access your true authentic self with baggage blocking the way.
2.      Un-load: My goodness! You are going to have to unload! When I speak of un-loading, I am referring to effectively communicating feelings and thoughts that have been self-deprecating. I am referring to the inner critic. The person inside of you who continues to torment you. I realize that some cases are a little more extreme than others, and further warrant professional help. But for the person, who like myself, just need to be guided in the right direction, may I suggest that you may be rehearsing some negative things that have been told to you directly or by inference? If that is the case, then I would like to offer a few steps you can take to silence that voice. Number one, what you dwell on, you will soon become by virtue of your thoughts. I’m not getting ready to tell you to think positively. What I am going to tell you is to practice putting thoughts into your mind that will produce the kind of actions and results you would like to have. I remember long ago reading a passage that asked, “Are your thoughts going to take you where you want to go?” If you ask yourself the same question when things are difficult, and answer no, then this is your cue to ask yourself, “What thoughts will take me where I want to go?” Then, plant those thoughts as seeds in your mind. Number 2, make it a habit to refuse to use words or phrases that say or suggest that you can’t, won’t, or don’t. Instead, replace them with words and corresponding action that will cause you to rise up and say I can…, I will…, and I am…! Speaking of “I am…”, make sure that whatever follows, “I am…” is someone you really want to be or something you really want to do. For example, “I am…grateful” or “I am… going back to school.” Make sure that you take corresponding action. This is going to help you to think things over first, before you give voice to them. Once you give voice to whatever follows, “I am”, will be manifested for sure. The inner critic will R.I.P. when you stop agreeing with it, and when you refuse to allow thoughts and words to keep it alive.
3.      Un-earth: Un-earth to me means going to the root level of who you are. I have had to ask God to un-earth some things in me that were not true, and replace them with new roots that will cause me to thrive. This request took me to a place of deep reflection. I had to confess to dispositions, inclinations, habits, behaviors, and projected truths that have been the bane of accessing my true self. I was believing a lot of stuff that simply was not true. I have since declared that I will not allow anything or anybody (including myself) to disturb or change what God says is possible for me, and I further declared that I will believe the report of the Creator. What I would like to suggest for you is that you may have to do the same thing. What un-truths or disparaging roots do you need God to un-earth for you? Be prepared to do the work that He gives you to do to release, relinquish, and replace what is necessary for your healing, growth, and deliverance.

My closing thought: The moment you find out why you were born is going to blow your mind! Why? Because everything is just not about you. When we allow ourselves to be open to Divine direction, the transformation will lead to service, doing something great with your life for the greater good! After watching “The Equalizer”, I understood why Denzel’s character took the actions he did that changed lives. The authentic person who truly understands why he or she was born lives from a place of humility, gratitude, love, and service. 

Make this your BEST day ever!

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