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Determine, Measure, Dismiss

Determine, Measure, Dismiss!

Good Day Everyone:

Not everybody nor everything is allowed on your radar today. Some people, or an issue may show up on your radar inconsequentially. Be intentional that you are only reacting to certain signals that will allow you to vibrate on your own chosen frequency! Anything other than that is, quite frankly, irrelevant to the productivity of your day! Stay focused and harness your power from within. A great day awaits you!

Try these 3 things:

1. Determine what type of day you'd like to have.
2. Measure everything that occurs today against your sole objective.
3. Dismiss anything that is not in alignment with your expected outcome. If you need to come back to it at another time or day, rather you choose that route, then to allow irrelevant signals to interrupt your vibe. 

7 Comments to Determine, Measure, Dismiss:

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Bernadette McCarter on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10:42 AM
Hi Stephanie, How ironic your blog for today relates to an ongoing situation I am having at work. I am praying on this situation and using similar tools mentioned in your blog. I am not sure what to make of this situation and have told myself, maybe I should resume my "politically correct" office persona and not allow this situation to alter who I am - because it has. Not entirely, only towards the situation. Any suggestions? Bernadette
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steph on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 11:13 AM
Hi Bernadette! I'm so glad that you found this info helpful. May I suggest that you must remember that you are the constant while people and situations are the variables? They may change, but you remain the same. Sometimes, it's hard to maintain composure when there is some level of chaos around you. Ask yourself have you given the situation permission and power to change you. If you answer yes, then you will have to work on getting them back. What you need is a shift in perspective. The peace that you want and need is already within you, especially if you couple it with Divine power. Reflect on a recent time when you were feeling how awesome you are. Make this your immediate goal; to be awesome! Tell yourself that you will not give anyone or anything permission to disturb your peace; your awesomeness! You can always go back later to address anything of significance. Until then, keep peace and love as your radar detectors. Hope this helps.

Yolanda on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 12:55 PM
Hello Stephanie, This is a timely word for my current situation . I am so thankful for God's reminder to seek Him. I decided to remove myself from the energy of the negative place and the people. That isn't always an option, but in this case appropriate. I had to chose to immediately change my focus. Though the decision was immediate, the process took a minute. Yet, I was able to rest through the night and wake up refreshed!
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Steph on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2:02 PM
Yolanda, I am so pleased to hear how you successfully changed your focus and took immediate action to secure your peace. Refreshed is a great way to rise along with a brand new day! A greater day lies ahead!

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