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Live in 3D

Live in 3D
Decision, Determination, Drive

“Haw looked down the dark passageway and was aware of his fear. What lay ahead? Was it empty? Or worse, were there dangers lurking? He began to imagine all kinds of frightening things that could happen to him. He was scaring himself to death.” Johnson, “Who Moved My Cheese?”

Are you scaring yourself to death with your fears? Don’t you realize that most things we fear never occur? Just as I started writing this blog, something gripped me. It was a thought. I am being convicted of the same thing that I am writing about. Talking about an epiphany moment? What can I possibly say except, I must lead by example.  Have you ever felt like you know how to do something, but when the opportunity comes, you get nervous, or start doubting yourself? Last night before going to bed, I prayed and ask God to reveal to me a yes or no regarding a decision I needed to make. When I woke up this morning, the idea was still in my mind, and has remained with me throughout the morning. It wasn’t until I began to write this entry, that it dawned on me that I was given the answer, and therefore, am without excuse why I cannot move forward. By following my heart, I was able to free myself from the fear that was keeping me from enjoying the reality of one of my dreams coming true. I have been envisioning this thing for a very long time, and have often spoken of it to anyone who would listen.  Now, what about you?

If you have found yourself in a place of placating your fears, then you must stop right now. Go back to the day you envisioned, dreamed, or imagined what your life would be like if you were to make this major accomplishment. In other words, you have to see it in your mind’s eye, and the more you see it, you will begin to believe the possibility of it coming into fruition.

If you are going to live your dream in 3D, then you will have to make a DECISION, maintain DETERMINATION, and master your DRIVE.

Every day, you will need to decide daily that you are going to follow through with your passion by living out your purpose. Every day, make sure you tell yourself, “I am making a conscious decision today, to make choices that will help me become what I desire, or accomplish what is purposed in my heart.” By making a daily decision, you are not only deciding cognitively, but rather you are calling your mind and heart into agreement. It is a win-win success for you when you become decisive. Why is that? Because the body only follows through with what the mind and heart agree upon. 

Determination is what you will need when things are seemingly not moving. You will experience many obstacles that will be placed in your path. These obstacles will determine how serious you are about accomplishing your goal. If you give up, you will not reach the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. There are going to be some people who will separate themselves from you. Don’t worry about that! You must maintain your determination. Determination has more merit when it is faced with impossible odds. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You must persevere through dark times, and push through doubt. But at all costs, you must maintain your determination. When you become determined, something amazing happens with your brain. Your brain perceives that you are present, engaged, and proactive in the process of taking possession of the dream realized. The energy you release puts everything and everyone on notice that you are moving forward with perseverance. You must maintain your determination.

Drive is that burning desire that propels you forward with focus, zeal, and resolution. Mastering your drive is paramount to getting to the level of success that is fulfilling to you. Mastering your drive means that you are in control, and intentional about avoiding being swayed to the right or the left when you need to be moving forward. Mastering your drive also means that you are paying attention to your surroundings. If something or someone poses as a roadblock, you will have the wherewithal to maneuver in such a way to avoid hindrances that impede your progress. You must master your drive in order to see the direction that you need to go. Mastering your drive also means that you are on , as the proverbial saying goes, "all eight cylinders". You are full throttle without losing control. Your drive is your fuel. Mastering your drive will get you to your resignated destination.

If you have found yourself needing a little inspiration to get you motivated again, I hope that this blog post is the answer to your prayer. Whatever happens today, make this your BEST day ever!

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Carolyn Ferguson on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 10:07 PM
Hello Stephanie your blog is so true. I have read the book you mentioned and it helped me in so many ways. At the time I was a single parent and going to college to getbmy Bachelors degree. I would refer back to the quotes throughout the book for inspiration.
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