3 Things You Must Absolutely Do Within the First 10 Days of January
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3 Things You Must Absolutely Do Within the First 10 Days of January

3 Things You Must Absolutely Do Within the First 10 Days of January:

Let’s face it! Most people want to start off the New Year on a good foot. Some people may name it  “resolutions”; some may call it “becoming better”;  or some may even go as far as labeling it as, “getting it right”. Whatever you may call it, it is clear that you, evidently, want something to change in the right direction for you this month/year.

Well, look no further, I have come up with 3 things you must absolutely do within the first 10 days of January in order to create a path of productivity for the rest of the month, better yet, the entire year. The primary reason is because, as surely as the days of the week fade into the end of the month, you will look back and still not have accomplished what you were so eager or pressed to do when January 1st rolled in. Remember, you are creating a path of productivity. Here we go!

#1. You must absolutely De-CLUTTER! De-clutter your desk, your closet, your car, your garage, your social circle, a junk drawer, under your sinks, a room in your home, etc. You get the picture, right? By so doing, you will inadvertently De-clutter your mind.! It’s hard to get anything done, and be at peace with it, when you have something lurking in/around/about/within your life that is full of clutter. Your  environment affects your mind, just as much as your mind can affect your environment. Please, just pick one area, and de-clutter that successfully before you start another de-cluttering project. You have 3 days left.

#2 You must absolutely PRIORITIZE ! Procrastination, distraction, and being side-tracked are going to be things of the past. How do I know? Because, you have exactly 3 days left to make a short list of tasks that must be done before Friday, January 10. Listen, repetition deepens the impression, someone once said. If you keep repeating the same behavior when it comes to locking down and getting things done that are important, you can expect to do this for the rest of the year. Perish the thought!!! You have 3 days left! Let’s go!

#3 You must absolutely find GRATITUDE in everything! Gratitude uproots complaining! For the next 3 days, write down 10 things that you are grateful for throughout the day. Now, don’t think this is menial. I’ve tested this for 28 days, and I can tell you that you would be surprise of the things that you have taken for granted for which you have not been grateful. Even the simplest things are deserving of having a grateful heart. Gratitude is power! It is energy! It is a field for which a healthy sense of being is cultivated. So grab a pad of paper or index cards, and start writing down 10 things each day for which you are grateful.

There’s a lot to be said about having a sense of accomplishment. It is yours for the asking. This year can absolutely be your best year ever. If you take small tasks, do them well, and complete them. You will find that by the end of the day, week, month, or year, you have created your own path of productivity on purpose!

Make this your BEST day ever!

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Legenden Sport on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 3:46 PM
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