Three Quick Fixes For A Bad Attitude!
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Three Quick Fixes For A Bad Attitude!


Quick Fix #1 - Identify the source of the problem. Ask yourself, “What’s really wrong?” Be prepared to answer honestly. Chances are your attitude is a reflection of some thought or action that occurred to which you have attached an unpleasant feeling. Feelings can be managed, shifted, and adjusted. By identifying the source of the problem, you can be specific about what transpired that influenced your attitude.  Let’s go to Quick Fix #2.

Quick Fix #2 – After identifying the source of the problem, ask yourself, “How much of what I am festering over is actually true?” Often times, people make assumptions about situations, people, or things of which they place blame. You wouldn’t have a bad attitude unless somewhere in your mind you are blaming someone or something for the way you feel. Excuse me, but you must take ownership for the way you feel, and how you express those feelings. If there is some legitimacy to an occurrence, you owe it to yourself to manage responsibly how you are going to respond. Your response will lead you to Quick Fix #3.

Quick Fix #3 – You must ask yourself, “How does my attitude serve me?” In other words, “What’s the payoff?” By having a bad attitude, what are you getting out of it? Does it feel good? Do you feel vindicated? Do you feel justified? Are you showing them, this or that that you mean business? Honestly, if you carefully examine your attitude, if you were honest, I am willing to bet that it really doesn’t serve you well. Do you really feel better by having this disposition? Probably not! So, instead of drawing yourself into yourself, take decisive steps to put out positive energy as opposed to negative. Every time you exemplify a bad attitude, you are creating negative vibes. You also begin to create a negative recurring self-fulfilling prophecy. As a principle, what you put out in the atmosphere determines what will return to you. Make it a habit to create a flow of positivity by your thoughts, words, and actions all of which is predicated upon your attitude. Choose to be your best you always!


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