Don't Play Yourself Short On Your Job!
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Don't Play Yourself Short On Your Job!


So, you're wondering why you are still doing entry-level work, or maybe you are daydreaming about that ideal job with the attractive salary and benefits package? Whatever the case may be, you are on a particular path for a reason. You may not be living out your purpose at your current job, but be assured that what you develop and learn where you are will either catapult you to your next-level job opportunity or become a deterrent to a future promotion or an advanced career option.

Hear are the reasons why: 

#1 Everything you learn at your current job creates a habit, system, or routine. Whether you are in customer care, personnel management, or manufacturing, it doesn't matter. You will demonstrate a keen knowledge necessary to complete your job with success, or you will demonstrate a lack of interest. Over time, how you view your job will play itself out in what you are willing to learn to become more efficient, or conversely, what marginal effort you put forth in doing the bare minimum just to get by. Team leads, supervisors, and management are always looking to evaluate your vested interest in the overall productivity of your team or department.

#2 Everything you learn at your current job creates a conversation of dependability and accountability. Often times, employees think that they are getting away with coming back from lunch a few minutes late, coming into work with a less than stellar attitude, or spending too much time on the computer for personal business. Just know that you are always being evaluated. Just because no one says anything to you, when the times comes around for evaluations, promotions, or job recommendations, you may be easily overlooked. Why? Because, employers want to know that you take personal responsibility in doing your job timely, well, and with excellence. If you find that you are being delinquent in those areas, it may be a good idea to get very serious about the image that you are projecting. 

#3 Everything you learn at your current job creates a flow of positive or negative energy. There have been times when a young recruit comes into a new place of employment with all of the knowledge of Einstein. With that knowledge is attached an ego as big as the Pacific. This individual will probably be resistant to instruction, critique, or job development suggestions. Even if you are right, smart, and a rocket scientist, there is always more to learn. Your disposition always create a current of positive or negative energy. Learn to exceed what is expected of you, develop good rapport with team members, make sure you are amiable, take nothing for granted, and always seek to be helpful. You may choose to do otherwise, but if you shall, please take into consideration that what you do at entry level, you will repeat as you move upward and forward. A person who understands his/her value, does not flaunt it, but rather demonstrates it in job performance and excellence without arrogance.

Moving forward is a healthy idea to incorporate. As you matriculate through your here and there jobs, be certain that you are forming a commendable track record for work ethic, accountability, team building, performance responsibilty, as well as getting along well with others. 

Entry or lower-level jobs may create a springboard for your next career move. See yourself there... as you prepare here, right where you are.

Make this your BEST day ever!

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assignment writing company on Monday, October 02, 2017 2:03 AM
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best on Friday, November 17, 2017 12:43 AM
Good one!
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