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When Waiting Wears You Out!
"How To Love Someone Who Does Not Support Your Dreams?"
Creating a Vision Journal
Diffusing Diversions
Blow the Lid Off!


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When Waiting Wears You Out!


Nothing is more excruciating than feeling as though you have come to the end of the rope with waiting on God. If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times,"Wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and He will strengthen thine heart." Ps. 27:14While there must be some merit to it, when you are going through the process of waiting for long periods of time, you can eventually run out of faith fuel. Have you run out of faith fuel? If the answer is yes, then let's look at how you've run out of faith fuel, and what you can do to re-fill your tank and persevere in faith with expectation.

"How To Love Someone Who Does Not Support Your Dreams?"

Hello there Beauiful Soul! The following article really resonated with me. Which is why I wanted to share it with you! If you are a dreamer, visionary, author, entrepreneur, independent consultant, then it may strike a chord with you too. I borrowed this article fromCindi C. Rose, Lifestyle Design Strategist, who wrote it forPositively Postive website. I am enclosing a bit of the article and a link where you can read it in its entirety.

Creating a Vision Journal

Creating a Vision Journal

Why should you have a vision journal? Studies show that organizations who have a mission and vision statement are more likely to take relevant action to achieve the expected outcome.Likewise, when you have a personal vision and mission statement for your life, you are more likely to take corresponding and relevant action to bring your expected outcome to life, i.e., fruition.Today, I would like to offer 4 significant elements that you may want to include in your vision journal.

Diffusing Diversions

Diffusing Diversions

When you have specific goals in mind, the last thing that you need are diversions. Diversions, as you know, are these little incidental occurrences that show up to inhibit, change, re-direct the flow of energy in your productivity game; and to take you off course. In other words, they are...distractions! In most cases,diversions grab your attention, and interrupt your intention.Without your attention and intention, you create a mediocre mess of things by becoming sodistracted by insignificant things.

Blow the Lid Off!

Blow the Lid Off!

What keeps you moving forward when you want to quit? What makes you quit when what you really want to do is to move forward? Everyone deals with at least one hidden thing within that they believe keeps or have kept them from being the successful person they dreamed of being. You will find that that there are many successful people who appear to not have allowed anything to stop them from excelling. Then, you will find those who allow everything to keep them from excelling. Finally, there are those in the middle who have had some success, but still may not be experiencing the level of success that they desire.

Your Critics Just Got Handled!

Your Critics Just Got Handled!
There was a song that was popular back in the ‘80’s by a popular rap group, Whodini! The title of the song was “Friends”.  It posed a question, “Friends! How many of us have them?” Just like the girl described in the lyrics stole her girlfriends’ boyfriend, she proved to not be a friend at all. There will always be people around who will think that the way you do things is not good enough.

What about your critics? Critics! How many of us have them? All of us!

What Supervisors Should Not Say (Out Loud)

What Supervisors Should Not Say (Out Loud)!

Have you ever mentioned something in private to an employee you later regretted? Are you in the habit of commiserating with a team member who shared their frustration about a loyal but cantankerous client? Do you find yourself expressing disdain for your boss with an employee who is under your supervision? If you are leading or supervising a team, your influence, attitude, and disposition have greater impact than you probably realize.

Leadership is really about influence and how you use it to help your team utilize their specific strengths in reaching the goals and objectives of the organization or company.

What Do You Need to Un-do?

Un-pack! Un-load! Un-Earth!

My friends and I went to check out “The Equalizer” starring Denzel Washington. The opening line on the screen had me right then. It was a quote by Mark Twain, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
It appears to me, via observation that a whole lot of people are in a quandary trying to figure out why they were born. In other words, they are still trying to discover their purpose.

Now, I can take this post in several different ways, but I’ll choose two.

Mute It On Mondays

Mute It On Mondays!

I was looking over the lyrics to a song titled, “Manic Mondays” made by the popular ‘80’s group, The Bangles. One line that stood out to me was, of course, the hook of the song, “It’s just another manic Monday”. I am pretty sure that at least one of you feels a little manic trying to get your day started this morning. Mondays can be that way for a lot of people. “Monday morning blues” as we know it. There is plenty of research out there that shows that being dissatisfied with one’s job is a factor, loathing going to work.

Mix Match Monday!

Great Day Beautiful People!
It's Monday and all things should be up and running, right? How's it going so far?

Today's post is all about coming out of your routine. Routines do have their place, but sometimes we can become so stuck in our routine or bound by the way we think things should go that we stifle our own creativity and ability to be adaptable to new experiences. I know you have heard the proverbial saying, "Change is good"! Well indeed it is!  However, I'm not just talking about change per se, inasmuch as I am talking about mixing things up a little bit in your life.