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Presence with Purpose - Center for Inner Healing & Personal Growth

Workplace Development Training: 

Presence With Purpose is responsible for helping small businesses, organizations, and non-profits develop a workplace climate that cultivates high performing, professionally developed, and motivated employees who match and exceed future workplace goals through transformational coaching by implementing strategies in career/personal development, education, and training. 

P.E.P. It Up Series
is  a collective series of seminars and workshops that center on personal and organizational productivity. These high-impacting, power-fueled tools and strategies will assist any industry leader, manager, or business owner in becoming more influential in his or her workplace environment.
"Management/Leadership Training"
Hone your skills and become better leaders by identifying and understanding your leadership orientation. Apply tools that address specific target development areas, and plan how to navigate your team effectively. When you grow, your team members grow. Learn how to create an environment of highly motivated, high-performing positive team members by providing professional growth opportunity on a congenial platform essential for success for top management and employees.
work-related stress, non-verbal communication, job anxiety"Pursuasively Communicate"
Learn how to create a workplace environment that becomes fertile ground for interpersonal communication between team members. Learn new strategies that foster recognition of individual communication styles, to include key words, behaviors, and strengths of others in order to hear 
well, and be heard effectively.  Learn how to get through, get acceptance, and get action from the key people with whom you work.                           
"The Vision" Seminar
May I say "Quintessential"? Have you lost sight of the vision of your company, team, or organization? Learn how to re-birth and re-cast your vision, draw from inherent inspiration, lead with direction and fervor, then bring your team on board as viable constituents of the mission of your company. 
"The "Workplace Culture"
This seminar addresses an organization's workplace customs, traditions, norms and mores and the general way it carries out the vision of the company; a well as how it's employees perceive and perform in the workplace. By looking at orientations, patterns of behavior, and core values, this seminar provides effective tools that will improve the essence of an organization's unique cultural processes, procedures, languages, goals, and objectives.