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Welcome Home! You have arrived at the most important page of our community, "A Sacred Space". This name was chosen because it is our desire that we covenant together to establish a meaningful connection in this space with one another while we grow in knowledge and life application according to the Spirit of God. As we explore what spirituality means to you, feel assured that we welcome all people of diverse worldviews. But for the sake of being clear, we are centrally a faith-based Christian establishment.The very foundation of what we consider spirituality is recognizing who Spirit is. We firmly believe that the Spirit is God, who is also the third Person of the triune God the Creator.  We also believe that the Spirit of God is also the Teacher of Biblical Truth to mankind. We further share the belief that the Spirit is God's Presence here on earth. It is from this platform, that we are open and willing to share, with anyone who is desiring sprititual growth, a format of teaching that is consistent with these beliefs. 
One of our deepest desires is that we embrace one another's commonalities while respecting each other's individuality. You can expect a warm and friendly environment where your views, comments, feelings, and thoughts are appreciated and respected. We will primarily cover areas of spiritual growth that include, but are not limited to meditation, prayer, study, spiritual healing, memorization, simplicity, humility, and benevolence as they are relevant to an ever-learning, ever-growing personal intimate relationship with God.

Although we have a shared worldview that is undergirded in Christianity, we know that it is always expanding as we must remain open to the myriad of ways that God discloses Himself and His activity in the lives of human beings. It is our prayer that we find common ground as we grow in grace individually as well as collectively. Peaceful Blessings!

Before we get started on the first area of development, I'd like to go over with you the discipline of being still. If you  have already mastered stillness, then that's great! But if not, then I am sure you have heard over a thousand times the importance of being still. When I speak of being still, it also means, if not most importantly, to be mentally and emotionally still as well. Stillnes is one area where we, as humans, have the most difficulty. We are so overstimulated with daily tasks, meetings, scheduling, appointments, families, church/organizations, and a plethora of committments that there is very little time to actually quiet the mind. My goodness, there's no wonder we haven't been able to practice the discipline of being still. So, here we are. Before we move ahead, we've got to get you to a place where you are free from distractions. You owe it to yourself to create such a place. Complete silence is what you are going for. We are going to practice meditation. If you are unfamiliar with meditating, then I may be able to help you. Many people have found it a little challenging in the beginning, but the more they practice meditating, the easier it became. 


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