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Private Coaching
Awesome! You made it! Thank you for sharing this sacred space with me! I am so glad you are HERE! Your path to self-discovery, personal growth, spiritual development, or self-improvement is so uniquely different from anyone else. You are free to check at the door all of your perfections, your insecurities, any of your self-limiting beliefs, or anything you believe judges you or keeps you from freely being your wonderful and beautiful self. 

In this shared space, "you" are my most important person. It is my desire that you come here often to find inner healing, acceptance, love, appreciation, affirmation, and community.

Because, society has pretty much intruded upon us with so many distractions and image demands.  It has become  increasingly difficult to differentiate between the You they say you are supposed to be from the "You" you "truly are". I believe that I am able to assist you in peeling back the  layers of self-discovery, personal growth, and personal productivity. It seems that many of us have been at some crossroad in our lives where we begin to ask questions to a myriad of imposed philosphies or ideals that have shaped how we view ourselves, or in relationship with others. Whether you need need inspiration, a step-by-step guide, help with life-forecasting, or a coach, it is my desire that you find what you need here at Presence With Purpose.

I want you to feel comfortable here by helping you to nurture your own uniqueness. I will be sharing tips that have helped so many whose paths I've crossed over the years. Hang out with me, and I am pretty sure we will have a great time growing together. 

I bring you peaceful blessings always!

Shall you have a need for private coaching, my customized packages are designed to facilitate and guide you on your own personal growth and inner healing journey. Below, are a few examples of life-coaching packages that have been instrumental in helping individuals become their best beautiful productive self on purpose! Take a look:

Make this your BEST day ever!

The most important thing you can do today is learn why you are. Your thoughts are the sum total of your childhood influences, societal conformities, judgments, opinions, expectations, and a myriad of other mind intrusions. My goal is to help you filter, eliminate, and re-establish new thinking patterns that actually help you on your path to personal freedom and positive self imaging.