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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication is the most critical framework of exchanging information effectively within an organization. Quite frankly, it is the most important of all skills between two or more people that creates an environment of trust, reliability, accountability, and productivity. Parallel to interpersonal communication is the importance of core values. When core values are integrated in oral, written, or expressed communication, individuals feel valued. Everyone needs to feel that who they are and what they have to say has merit and value. At the heart of interpersonal communication is "relationship". "As one communication text puts it, “interpersonal communication occurs not when you simply interact with someone, but when you treat the other person as a unique human being” (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond, 2002).  From this perspective, interpersonal communication can occur in writing or by email, as well as in a face-to-face setting.  Further, even total strangers who interact with each other respectfully could be said to be communicating interpersonally even though the topic of conversation might be trite or task related.    In short, interpersonal communication is more about the content and character of the exchange than about the mechanics of how it happens or with whom.  The successful member of a business organization will display a range of interpersonal skills whenever he or she uses communication to maintain relationships, share tacit knowledge, or exchange information about emotions, values and motivations."

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