"How To Love Someone Who Does Not Support Your Dreams?"
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"How To Love Someone Who Does Not Support Your Dreams?"
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"How To Love Someone Who Does Not Support Your Dreams?"

Hello there Beauiful Soul! The following article really resonated with me. Which is why I wanted to share it with you! If you are a dreamer, visionary, author, entrepreneur, independent consultant, then it may strike a chord with you too. I borrowed this article from Cindi C. Rose, Lifestyle Design Strategist, who wrote it for Positively Postive website. I am enclosing a bit of the article and a link where you can read it in its entirety. I am encouraged that the plans God has for you and me supercede those that others are too afraid to see, understand, and/or support! I stand with you in solidarity as you move towards making the greatest impact and contribution to your life and to those you are blessed to come in contact. Keep believing, and most of all, keep pushing forward! Don't suffocate your dreams or goals! Pull back all the ifs, ands, or buts...and just GO for it!  

"It seems like sometimes the people that you love the most can absolutely crush your dreams.
Why is that? Why is it that your parents, the people who brought you into the world, can make you feel like a loser? Why is it that your lover, the closest person in your life, can doubt you when you need them most? Why is it that your friends will question you and roll their eyes, when you open yourself up to them?
I’m going to answer these questions with two simple truths. One or the other will surprise you.
One is that they love you, and they’re afraid for you to fail. The second is that they are conflicted or jealous, and don’t want you to succeed.
I know what you’re thinking. So one side doesn’t want me to succeed, and the other is waiting for me to fail.
Bear with me for a moment.
When I went away to college, I had dreams of becoming a writer. I knew that in some way, shape or form, that my life would take that path. And so, in my utterly decisive fashion, I declared my major to be “Creative Writing” the first week of freshman year. Not too long after, I had a long conversation with my father, who grilled me about my choice...." (continue reading here)

I hope you enjoyed the article! Make this your BEST day ever!

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help on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 12:23 AM
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Blair on Sunday, December 10, 2017 4:45 PM
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