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Mix Match Monday!

Great Day Beautiful People!
It's Monday and all things should be up and running, right? How's it going so far?

Today's post is all about coming out of your routine. Routines do have their place, but sometimes we can become so stuck in our routine or bound by the way we think things should go that we stifle our own creativity and ability to be adaptable to new experiences. I know you have heard the proverbial saying, "Change is good"! Well indeed it is!  However, I'm not just talking about change per se, inasmuch as I am talking about mixing things up a little bit in your life. I am willing to bet that you have the same morning routine, the same evening routine, and basically the same weekend routine. Ok, maybe that person is not you. But I do think we all get a little too accustomed to our regularly scheduled programming. It’s time to get the brain creating brain cells. Let’s shake up the brain waves a little. Here we go!

The programming I am referring to is the way we have conditioned our minds to accept what it knows without really even processing it. Have you ever been driving on your way to a place, and found yourself on your way to your job instead of the anticipated destination? I have done that so many times before. Well, the brain does something really amazing when you begin to mix and match different patterns and routines for yourself. I’ve seen this happen in my life. So, I will switch things up just for the sheer joy of it. Hey, I am all about new experiences! It really keeps me anticipating great things in my life. I get so excited when an opportunity opens up for amazing and new discoveries. I hope that you do too!

Dr. E. Paul Zehr wrote a recent article in Psychology Today, He stated, "As we age, real and perceived limits often get placed on our abilities and capacities." Basically, it is easy to get stuck. He further referenced a couple of studies conducted by two universities in Germany. These studies showed how introducing dance lessons and martial arts into the lives of older men and women improved their overall health and cognitive learning ability. 

Hey let's face it, we all are juggling really crazy loads these days, and sometimes routines help keep us from going over the edge. But every now and again, it is really great for your body, mind, and spirit to mix and match it up a little bit.  Here are a few suggestions to help get you started.

1.      Start today! Incorporate a small change in one area of your life. Mix it in with what you would normally do, then match it with a corresponding positive attitude about it. No hemming and hawing. Just tell yourself, “I’ve got this”! Then hop to it!
2.      Be open to everything and attached to nothing. I forgot who said that.  Bottom line is to say, “Yes” more! Before saying, “No or I can’t”, at least give it some consideration. I assure you the more you say yes, the more good things will be opened to you. Mix more yesses with your no(s), then match it with a corresponding affirmative response.
3.      Sign up for a local or online creative expressions class. Even if you think you are not all that creative, give it a try! It can be poetry, art, dancing, singing, etc. In other words, learn something new. If you are already creative, then try something that fosters structure and something a little more analytical in order to engage more of the left side of your brain. If you are a person who is pretty linear and objective in perspective, the creative initiative will help open up the right side of your brain for more creativity and innovation. Mix in a little more of what is unfamiliar to you with what you know by nature, then match it up with a corresponding decisive action.

To wrap it up, we know that the brain communicates information between the right and left side effectively (with all things being healthy and normal). But it does make for good practice to cognitively engage more thought and practice into exercises that allow us to have a better quality of life and invite balance into our day to day routines. I’m going for it! How about you? That’s all folks! Have an amazing week and make this your BEST day ever!

image courtesy of http://blog.entrepreneurthearts.com/2011/11/09/mercedes-whole-brain-ads-musicpaintpassion/


9 Comments to Mix Match Monday!:

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Glenda Mc on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 2:01 PM
Mix and Match!! Good stuff Steph! I, too, have found myself headed somewhere and end up heading in the direction of home, work or church. It is so easy to get in to a routine, but I agree that we need to mix it up to keep the brain juices flowing.
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Stephanie on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 4:58 PM
Thank you Glenda for stopping by and commenting. We've got to keep mixing and moving for good energy flow!

Cameron Nolan on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 1:36 AM
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